Welcome to the home of Natures Baits where quality always comes before compromise.

In our relatively brief existence Natures Baits has developed a formidable reputation among those in the know for supplying baits that are quite simply, second to non. Natures Baits is the result of several dedicated long time carp anglers coming together and combining decades of experience to produce what we consider to be the finest range of baits available to the modern carp angler containing optimum levels of nutrition, attraction and digestibility.

Initial prototypes of the now legendary Bloodworm X were trialled back in 2001 on various UK & European waters  and the results were unprecedented. It was clear this was a very special bait indeed and needed to be available to more than just a select few. Natures Baits began life as a serious contender in the world of bait in early 2013 and that's when things rocketed. The range was massively extended from a solitary freezer bait with matching pellets to a whole selection of products including our incredible Ultra-Attract hookbaits, the finest booster liquids and glugs and a truly remarkable active Bag and Stick mix. All baiting situations, presentations and options are covered in the Natures Baits range. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the angler.

During the extensive testing process by the now assembled 'Team Natures Baits' and after several tweaks with the ingredients to optimise it's already proven track record, Alpha was launched in and became an instant classic on every lake it was taken to.

One of the main priorities within Natures Baits is to never compromise at any stage of the bait production. From sourcing the very finest of raw materials, to the careful blending, intensive field testing and a meticulous manufacturing process, you can be absolutely guaranteed that on every step of the way, no corners have been cut. "Quality Before Compromise. Now and always. We don't believe our baits are seasonal either, they are suitable for 'all year round' use and as such, will never 'blow'.

The future of Natures Baits is extremely bright, you can be assured that Natures Baits will be the game changer in your carp odyssey. What are you waiting for? Join us and be part of the future revolution.